• Posted on September 3, 2017 5:02 pm
    By andros
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    historical image of what the NYSE and inside Wall Street used to look like.

    I wanted to do a quick follow-up piece to my recent articles "Solar Eclipse Resolution and Why I'm Watching $RSX" and "The Hurricane Harvey Trade Nobody Is Talking About...Yet." In the resolution article, I noted/proved that what financial astrologers have spoken about (longer than I have) and that the general pattern solar eclipses cause on the market had done as predicted; $VIX spiked up leading up to the eclipse and then started to come back down soon after it was over. Russian Stock Markets and the 2017 Solar Eclipse

  • Posted on August 29, 2017 1:50 pm
    By andros

    Hurricane Harvey has the mainstream financial news companies hyper-focused on which stocks or futures they think you should trade during the storm. Most of the snippets I've seen or the commentaries that I've read focus on the obvious stuff. Energy names in the oil and gasoline sector, home builder stocks (like $LOW and $HD), generator companies ($GNRC ¬†- I sent to the text alert service and traded it also. I bought calls Friday and sold most of them Monday pretty soon after the opening bell @ +155%), and insurance companies. Last night though, as I was going over some money flow data from the day's session I¬†noticed something odd. Most of the major banks had net positive flows despite lower stock prices. This is very typical of institutional buying. The banks with the most in-flows were $C (+243.81 mil), $JPM and $WFC. They all have fairly large lending entities. So I decided to see what storms have done to the financial sector in general in some of the larger more recent storms. If you want to skip to end, the trend is that they move up during the duration of the storms and then continue onward in their prior trend afterwards. So watch those three tickers above as well as $XLF. I'll be buying some more bank exposure as soon as I see the sector start to make a strong move up. Trading Hurricane Harvey With Bank Stocks: Little chart history anyone? Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Francis Hurricane Sandy October 25th, North American Storm Complex   Bottom Line: Watch bank stocks for a possible swing-trade soon.

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