Posted on June 11, 2017 5:08 am

Unusual Options Activity Alerts

Unusual Options Activity Alerts

As a professional options trader for several years now, I’ve seen plenty of Unusual Options Activity (UOA). Many people refer to this sort of activity as indicative of “smart” money positioning into a stock. While this may be the case with some UOA, it’s certainly not always the case. Over the years, I’ve developed an eye for what I call “sharp” money positioning. There’s generally a few a day, but not always.

Sharing Smart Money Insight

While I post some of the activity that I find sharp on StockTwits, Twitter and to my live trading room, I wanted to find a way to get the information on the sharpest bets I’ve seen that day out to anyone interested in a timely and condensed manner.

I intend on building an app at some point, with push notifications, but I thought I’d give the service a trial run with a completely free alert service of the most noticeable options trades that I see. This free alert service is done via SMS and I promise to not spam you, sell your data or use it in any other way than disseminating the alerts and to only send around 3 messages per day

How to Use These Alerts

Maybe you’re bullish a stock and you see a large trade of some long dated calls alerted; maybe it’s time you took a look at entering it now if you haven’t already. Really the main thing these alerts should do is to draw your eye to the stock whose options are being traded. Perhaps you watchlist the name and watch to see if it follows through on the option buyer’s bet. Or you can pull up a chart of the stock and see if it’s in the middle of a move you can take advantage of. There’s no wrong way to use these alerts other than to follow them blindly as buy signals…they aren’t.

A Note On These Alerts

I want to be clear that these alerts are NOT trading tips. While I will continue to post my entries on StockTwits, et. al., these alerts are NOT buy recommendations. Regardless, the trades I post to any outlet should never be blindly followed. You are responsible for how you use the information I provide you; any losses you incur following my trades or this data are none of my responsibility.

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